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The Kokomo Business and Engineering Club

The Kokomo Business and Engineering Club, is a group, club, team, and business composed of students from Kokomo High School working to engineer solutions to global issues in healthy, energy, cybersecurity, or aeronautics. We aim to not only better the world, but develop and members as leaders in society.





Our School Community

Angela Blessing

Kokomo High School Principal

Kayla Siebert

Mathematics Teacher and Club Sponsor

Our Group

  • Gene Yang

  • Mitchell Wyrick

  • Daniel Herrera

  • Parker Pluckebaum

  • James Walters

  • Brayden York

Our Process


During our first phase, we research global issues and design an innovative solution using technology. The marketability, technical feasibility, and originality is analyzed and judged.

Product Development

During product development, our members contribute their skills to the creation of our product. This phase involves the use of a wide set of skills ranging from programming and management to electrical design.


Following the development of our product, we will patent our idea and then begin to move onto the next phases of finally bringing our product to the market.


We will first begin to market our product at a local level and then begin to bring our solution to larger scales. Although difficult, with community support and funding, this can be made into a reality.

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We can be contacted through the email and phone number provided below. Please spread the word of our club and consider supporting us! Thank you!

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